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AKC Education

AKC Education

AKC Education Booth at AKC MTB
AKC Education Booth

The goal of AKC Education is to educate breeders, judges, groomers, trainers, and the general dog-owning public about purebred dogs and the sport of purebred dogs through AKC Canine College, AKC Public Education and the AKC Education Webinar Series.

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Learn more about each area of AKC Education below.

  • About AKC Education +
  • AKC Public Education +

    AKC Public Education teaches and promotes responsible dog ownership and fosters participation in the world of purebred dogs. Outreach programs and publications explain how to ever-strengthen the invaluable human-canine bond.

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  • AKC Canine College +

    AKC Canine College is dedicated to providing quality online courses for breeders, judges, groomers, trainers and the general dog-owning public.

    Parent Clubs interested in learning more about breed course development can do so here.

    AKC Canine College course and exam offerings can be found here.

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  • AKC Education Webinar Series +

    The AKC Education Webinar Series provides an opportunity for Clubs to learn more about the resources AKC has to offer. Webinars are offered for judges, groomers, trainers, breeders and the general dog-owning public.

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