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Juniors in Companion Events

Juniors in Companion Events

junior obedience


Companion Events Scholarship

The Companion Events Department is pleased to announce the creation of a $10,000 scholarship fund for students that are active in AKC Companion Events who will be attending an institution of higher education during the 2020-2021 academic year.


The Companion Events staff is pleased to encourage Junior Handlers in the sports of Obedience, Agility, Rally and Tracking. In these Companion Events, any Junior Handler up to the age of 18 is eligible to compete as a Junior. They exhibit in the regular classes and in the field along with all other exhibitors at the trials and tests. They obtain the same titles and awards as adult handlers if they qualify.

Review the benefits of participating in the AKC Junior Organization. You can sign up today for a Junior Handler’s number and start receiving the newsletter free of charge!


Note for Juniors:

  • Title bars recognizing titles earned by Juniors will no longer be automatically mailed with Junior Recognition Certificates. Juniors wishing to receive titles bars will need to contact and request the specific titles bar. Please include the Junior’s name, mailing address, and specific title bar(s) being requested in the email.
  • Junior Pin and Title Bars